Roby & Roby brought last millennium, in 1994, at the foot of the Alps, in Montanaro, 40 km north of Turin.

Is the brainchild of Lucia and Raffaela.

As of now the mission is clear: the craftsmanship of the production processes was to remain the strong point, excellence.
Italian excellence.

Today, as 20 years ago, we produce shirts for men, women and children of high-quality, sewn and wrapped still in the same traditional way.

We are production partners of famous brands, but our passion is to create second inspiration.
We design models and are looking for the most suitable fabrics.

Lucia Raffaela


Cutting & models



We drive a team of women with the same passion. Passion for details, style and perfection.


In April 2018 we receive the Piedmont Excellence Artisan Award

Piemonte Eccellenza Artigiana