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  • Men's shirt PISTOIA
    Men's shirt PISTOIA

    Azure stripe shirt with italian classic collar. Blue buttonholes and...

    € 47,00
  • Men's shirt AVELLINO
    Men's shirt AVELLINO

    Azure shirt with double button-down collar. Blue buttoholes and contrast...

    € 53,00
  • Men's shirt NAPOLI
    Men's shirt NAPOLI

    Azure shirt with white stripe and italian classic collar. Burgundy...

    € 47,00
  • Men's shirt RAVENNA
    Men's shirt RAVENNA

    White shirt with blue and button-down collar. Blue buttoholes with red...

    € 47,00
  • Men's shirt VERONA
    Men's shirt VERONA

    Light blue shirt with Italian classic collar. Buttonholes, buttons and...

    € 47,00
  • Men's shirt BERGAMO
    Men's shirt BERGAMO

    Shirt in blue patterned fabric with Italian classic collar. Buttonholes,...

    € 47,00
  • Men's shirt IMPERIA
    Men's shirt IMPERIA

    Shirt in patterned fabric with Italian classic collar. Burgundy...

    € 47,00
  • Men's shirt MONZA
    Men's shirt MONZA

    White and red checkered shirt with button-down collar. Buttoholes,...

    € 47,00
  • Men's shirt AGRIGENTO
    Men's shirt AGRIGENTO

    White shirt with blue pattern and double button-down collar. Blue...

    € 53,00
  • Women's shirt FIORDALISO
    Women's shirt FIORDALISO

    Light blue shirt with straight collar. Floral blue hidden contrast, blue...

    € 51,00
  • Women's shirt GIACINTO
    Women's shirt GIACINTO

    Prince of Wales fabric shirt with straight collar. Contrast, buttons and...

    € 51,00
  • Women's shirt EDERA
    Women's shirt EDERA

    White shirt with double straight collar. Floral light blue contrast,...

    € 51,00

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